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Kayak fishing made easier with TALS Tackle Systems.

Storing, accessing and organizing  lures when kayak fishing has been no easy feat...until now.
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kayak 152 500kayak cargo 188

As you can see in the pics above the TALS System comes in very handy when kayak fishing.  The TALS 500 can be worn on the chest for utmost convenience or you can just stow it in the cargo area, inside a hatch or between your legs.  It is made to float and dry quickly.  The pic at right shows how the TALS Tubes can do wonders for storing and organizing your lures and tackle just about anywhere on or in your kayak.  Securely attached using Velcro Loop strips these tubes aren't going anywhere even if you roll. The Velcro attaches to your kayak with an aggressive adhesive (see "Installing Velcro" instructions below) and stays on even when wet.  It is also replaceable if needed and won't leave a residue on your kayak.  The TALS Tubes have drainage slots in both ends allowing your lures and flies to drain and dry constantly.  This also makes for an easy freshwater rinse after a day in the salt.  To learn more about these items please click on the appropriate link below or to purchase scroll down...

TALS 500 Chest Pack              TALS Tackle Tubes                         TALS Fly Tubes

hatchkayak paddle 500

Paddling with a PFD and a TALS Chest Pack is not a problem.  The pack adjusts to your personal fit (out to a 66" chest) and also converts into a waist pack or satchel, whatever you prefer.  The pic above right shows an easy way to store TALS Tubes in a round bucket hatch.  The storage possibilities with the TALS Tubes and a little Velcro is limited only by your imagination. 

 Velcro Loop Strips sold by the foot or yard in 4 inch widths.  Items on this page can be purchased below.

Velcro Installation:  The tubes already have a hook attachment on them so all you need is the loop material above.  For optimal adhesive performance follow these tips.  Make sure intended surface area is clean and dry.   Heat up surface area and Velcro to between 80 and 100 degrees F.  A few hours in the hot sun or a few minutes with a hair dryer or a space heater will do.  Apply some rubbing alcohol to heated surface and let evaporate (just a little on a clean cloth).  Then apply Velcro strip starting at one end applying hard, even pressure working out any air bubbles as you peal the backing off the strip toward the other end.  Make sure strip is worked down well and make sure corners and edges are down.   Do not touch or use for 24 hours (curing time). 

TALS Tube System

Wade Fishing Chest Pack Fly or Spin Tackle Vest Tackle Box Lure Storage
Texas Florida Redfish Steelhead Trout Bass Snook Speckled Trout Fly Fish

Michigan Illinois Pennsylvania Wisconsin Colorado California Maryland Ohio 
New York Brown Trout Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Salmon River Stream
Fishing Wading Kayak Fishing Surf Fishing Fly Fishing Flies

TALS 500 Wade Fishing System
Chest/Waist Pack with 8 Tackle Tubes
(2) #05 tubes (2.75" X 1.5")
(2) #10 tubes (3.75" X 1.5")
(2) #20 tubes (5" X 1.625")
(2) #30 tubes (6" X 2")
TP-508 (8) Total Tackle Tubes + Chest Pack Sale Priced!   $29.99 Qty
TALS 600 Fly Fishing System
Chest/Waist Pack with 6 TubesTM
(1) #25 Small Fly Tube
(1) #35 Large Fly Tube
(2) #05 Tals Tubes
(2) #10 Tals Tubes
TP-606 (6) Total Tubes + Chest Pack Sale Priced!   $34.99 Qty
2 Pack TALS Tubes #05 (2.75 X 1.5 IN)
TT-05 2 Pack TALS Tubes #05 Price:   $2.99 Qty
2 Pack TALS Tubes #10 (3.75 X 1.5 IN)
TT-10 2 Pack TALS Tubes #10 Price:   $3.49 Qty
2 Pack TALS Tubes #20 (5 X 1.625 IN)
TT-20 2 Pack TALS Tubes #20 Price:   $4.49 Qty
2 Pack TALS Tubes #30 (6 X 2 IN)
TT-30 2 Pack TALS Tubes #30 Price:   $4.99 Qty
12 Pack TALS Tubes #05
TT-0512 12 Pack TALS Tubes #05 Price:   $12.99 Qty
12 Pack TALS Tubes #10
TT-1012 12 Pack TALS Tubes #10 Price:   $14.99 Qty
12 Pack TALS Tubes #20
TT-2012 12 Pack TALS Tubes #20 Price:   $19.99 Qty
12 Pack TALS Tubes #30
TT-3012 12 Pack TALS Tubes #30 Price:   $25.99 Qty
Velcro® Loop Adhesive Strip (12 X 4 IN)
V12 Velcro® Loop Adhesive Strip (12X4 In.) Price:   $2.49 Qty
Velcro® Loop Adhesive Strip (36 X 4 IN)
V36 Velcro® Loop Adhesive Strip (36 X 4 IN) Price:   $6.99 Qty












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